Clips From Show #1772

On show #1771, Luke and Andrew discussed whether they should do a weigh-in at the beginning of each show and posed the questions to the Tens. I went to create a poll on the sTens group page on Facebook and decided to use the usual “yea” and “nay” voting options that is commonly found in Congressional votes. For those that really didn’t care about the topic, I decided to use “Hodor” as the third option because Andrew is sometimes called Andrew “Hodor” Walsh on the show.

Well, on show #1772, Andrew decided to read the poll options in a very peculiar manner, both with and without sound effects (the latter thanks to Luke).

Andrew: “Yea, nay or Hodor!”

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Andrew: “Yea, nay or Hodor!” with sound effects

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Luke: “Not right now, this is TBTL time”

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Luke: “Scratch and stiff Snickers. Scratch and sniff stickers.”

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Andrew Accidentally “Instant Gobbles” Luke

While Luke was talking on show #1734, Andrew was looking for a turkey sound to play and accidentally plays an “instant gobble” sound.

Short Version: MP3 | MPEG-4

Long Version: MP3 | MPEG-4

For those looking for the Instant Gobble sound…

Instant Gobble

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