Clips From TBTL #2475: “Oooh” Compilation and Mashup Edition

With Luke and Andrew having a little too much fun with saying “Oooh…” and a city name during TBTL #2475, I decided to have some fun with compiling them together.

Andrew and Luke: Oooh Compilation

MP3 | MPEG-4 | MPEG-4 Ringtone

Andrew and Luke: Oooh Compilation #2

MP3 | MPEG-4 | MPEG-4 Ringtone

Andrew and Luke: Oooh, I and Uhh Mashup

MP3 | MPEG-4 | MPEG-4 Ringtone

LRB Summer Picnic Calculator

On Little Red Bandwagon episode #233, the rules on what people should bring to the LRB Summer Picnic, which will be at Woodland Park in Seattle, Washington on Friday, August 18th at 5:00 PM, were cast into stone.

The rule uses some maths based on the numeric value of each of your first, middle and last initials. To simplify things, I threw together a form that will calculate what should bring. The form is found at

I have also posted the code for the form online in a public Git repository that you can take and play around with if you would like.

Help Get Mike and Emily Get Out of Some Jams!

Update: Jen “Flash” Andrews has set up an action and donation portal to help Emily out with the recent passing of Mike Frizzell. The auction ends on 23 November 2021.

Little Red Bandwagon‘s Mike Frizzell and his wife Emily have run into some unfortunate life road bumps and pot holes in recent times. A GoFundMe campaign was started and the goal was successfully met to help them out financially.

Meet Me in St. Paul Mixtape

As discussed in episodes in the run up to the TBTL Live Show in St. Paul, Minnesota, Luke and Andrew discussed the idea of creating a mixtape for those that are heading to the show. Today, Andrew posted up the mixtape tracks on to SoundCloud.

Due to download limits set by SoundCloud, the awesome gang at Little Red Bandwagon have made the tracks available for download. While over there, pick up some stickers or even donate a few dollarinis (or a few hundos) to help support a great podcart about another great podcart!