About Marsupial Gurgle

Marsupial Gurgle is a library of clips curatedĀ from the APM podcast, “TBTL: Too Beautiful To Live“.

It was original created as a location for various drops and clips that TBTL Tens had been requested for download or to use as ringtones. The site grew as the number of clips requested grew and as Marsupial Gurgle turned into an archive of interesting clips curated from the podcast. For more information on how the clips are created and posted to the site, please check out the “Hot Dog Story: What Goes Into Pulling Clips From TBTL to Post to Marsupial Gurgle” post.

If you would like to contribute or request a clip to be added to Marsupial Gurgle, please fill out use “Clip/Drop Requests” form.

Also, if you would like to help support and offset some of the hosting costs, and the time and effort taken to collect and archive the clips, you can donate to Marsupial Gurgle by going to the “Help Support the Marsupial Gurgle” page. There is a link to send money via PayPal.