Origin of the “Drawings of Tall Ships” Inside Joke

During the TBTL live show at The American Legion in St. Paul, MN (#2140 in a collector’s series), Luke and Andrew revealed the genesis of the “Drawings of Tall Ships” inside joke and why Andrew has been known for his “drawing of tall ships”.

Luke and Andrew: The Story Behind “Drawing of Tall Ships”

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Andrew had worked on an NHPR show called, “Front Porch,” hosted by John Walters, and there was a story about an artist, John Kendall, who created paintings of tall ships. While the original audio from the story is no longer available on NHPR.org, someone posted the interview on YouTube.

I have pulled the audio from the video for your listening pleasure:

Front Porch: Tall Ships in Detail

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The “tall ships” drop that Luke uses comes from the intro of the segment above

John Walters: “He may be best known for his depictions of the tall ships, capturing their grace and power”

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