Help Support the Marsupial Gurgle

First of all, I want to thank all of the TBTL Tens and listeners that have visited, enjoyed and contributed to the Marsupial Gurgle site. I am humbled by the support from the Tens and always smile when I see how often the site is used.

Having said that, setting up the Marsupial Gurgle site on a reliable server and using Amazon’s cloud storage platform to ensure accessibility and availability of the clips do have costs associated to them. Also, the process of pulling clips from each show takes a significant amount of time each week. Even after writing scripts to reduce the number of manual steps required, it takes roughly two to three times as long as the TBTL episode to listen, pull, format and upload the clips.

If you find the Marsupial Gurgle site to be a useful resource, please consider a donation of any amount you feel comfortable with to help cover the hosting costs of the site and clips.

Thanks and ad proximum convivium!

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