Andrew Walsh Singing Mashup

On TBTL #2181, Andrew stated that he does not think he has a good singing voice. Over the course of listening to and pulling clips from TBTL for over two years now, I respectfully disagree with Andrew’s opinion of himself. I, then, became curious and started to look for all of the clips that I have pulled from TBTL that I have tagged with Andrew and the term “singing” and created a mashup of all of those clips.

The clips are not in any particular order, maybe with a hint of some alphabetical sorting based on the various filenames. Although each clip already had a buffer of silence at the beginning of the clip, I added another 0.100 second at the beginning so that the clips didn’t just ram right into each other. Once the clips were combined, I did a little bit of trimming to nip/tuck some of the really high peaks in amplitude.

The following is the resulting mashup:

MP3 | MPEG-4

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