Crazy Town x Bart Simpson: Barterfly

Back on TBTL #2237, Luke and Andrew played a mashup of an instrumental version of Crazy Town’s “Butterfly” and an a cappella version of “Do The Bartman”┬áthat was sent in by, then, an anonymous listener. The guys ended up dubbing the mashup “Barterfly”. Since I could not get a clean pull of the song from the show, I was able to locate both tracks and re-create the mashup to the best of my ability.


MP3 | MPEG-4

Since then, the creator of the mashup, Joe-Joe, took off the Cloak of Anonymity, and posted a link to the full mashup on Soundcloud onto the sTens Facebook group. Unfortunately, the clip is no longer available on SoundCloud, but I received a copy of it that can be posted:

MP3 | MPEG-4

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