Dreamcatcher and Dream Court Segment Intro Drops

The Dreamcatcher and Dream Court segments came about after Luke and Andrew started talking about their dreams and people started to send in their own dreams, which were read on the podcast. Both segments have their respective intro drops.

Both drops start off with Kenan Thompson playing Steve Harvey during an Saturday Night Live skit where the American Idol cast is pitted against the cast from The Voice in a game of Celebrity Family Feud; in which, Kenan says “You look like a dreamcatcher came to life.”

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The Dreamcatcher segment intro drop then continues with a portion of the Dreamcatcher song from the musical of the same name.

Dreamcatcher by John Jacobson and Mark Brymer

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The Dream Court segment intro uses a portion of the “Night Court” theme.

Night Court Theme

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Since both segment intro drops are usually played as Luke and/or Andrew are talking, I had to resort to doing my best to recreate the drops based on the clips above.

Dreamcatcher Segment Intro

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Dream Court Segment Intro

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