Marsupial Gurgle Gets Name Dropped on TBTL #1949

In the latter parts of TBTL #1949, Luke starts reading a plot summary posted on IMDB for the movie “Ladyhawke”; which, leads both Luke and Andrew down a rabbit hole where they start looking at what other plot summaries one or two people have spent time writing. The conversation eventually leads into people spending time creating or writing about what they heavily interested and invested it.

That lead to Andrew bringing up the Marsupial Gurgle and, subsequently, Luke reading one of my tweets about the length of TBTL #1947:

In reading the tweet, Luke dropped the word “late” and kind of changed the take on the tweet.

The following is the clip of Andrew and Luke talking about Marsupial Gurgle.

Andrew and Luke: Marsupial Gurgle Talk

MP3 | MPEG-4

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