TBTL #1859: “TBTL Might Need This Someday”

On TBTL #1859, Andrew found an audio clip somewhere on the Internet that is a long string on drops that you’d probably here pieces of on a Morning Zoo-type radio show.

MP3 | MPEG-4 | MPEG-4 Ringtone

Below is a clean version of that audio clip that Andrew played:

MP3 | MPEG-4 | MPEG-4 Ringtone

When Luke asked where Andrew found it, Andrew said that he found it on a site called “TBTLMightNeedThisSomeday.org“.

MP3 | MPEG-4 | MPEG-4 Ringtone

While listening to the show, I searched to see if the domain had been taken, which it wasn’t, so I decided to procure the domain for safe keeping and set it up so that it points to this here Marsupial Gurgle site.

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