TBTL #20X6: Blame Associate Producer Linh Pham

Back on TBTL #1849, during Luke and Andrew’s TBTL-a-thon message they crafted for me, Andrew mentioned that, one day, we would raid Marsupial Gurgle and create an show intro solely from the clips from the site (2m 38s mark)

MP3 | MPEG-4

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to get to know Adobe Audition CC a bit more. Currently, I use Audacity to pull and edit clips that get posted to Marsupial Gurgle; but, it hasn’t been very stable on my laptops and gets a little too cumbersome when dealing with large, multi-track projects. So, I decided to have a go by putting together a “clip show” version of TBTL; in which, I started scouring for various, recurring elements of a TBTL and try to stitch them together.

I decided to name the clip show after something that Luke said on #2284:

Luke: “Blame Associate Producer Linh Pham. Also, possible show title, by the way.”

MP3 | MPEG-4 | MPEG-4 Ringtone

The following is the resulting show, and believe you me, it’s hella janky. Hope you like it.

MP3 | MPEG-4

Kudos to those who know the connection between the episode number I chose and TBTL.

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